The ramparts

The ramparts

The ramparts of Vannes that surround the old town keeps the remains of defensive works erected between the Gallo-Roman period and the 17th century. Partially destroyed in the 19th century, three quarters of its ramparts have nevertheless been saved and protected as historical monuments.

From Gambetta Square, the historic centre is accessed through the Saint-Vincent gate, the main gateway to the city. The Constable’s Tower offers beautiful views of the city and gardens.

A long pedestrian street leads to St. Peter’s Cathedral where the typical half-timbered houses of old Vannes are located. The cobbled streets and narrow streets around La Cohue which houses the Museum of Fine Arts invite you to a journey worthy of the Middle Ages.

At the corner of Noé’s Street, near Place Valencia, be sure to look up at the polychrome stone sign “Vannes et sa femme“. The two busts integrated into the façade of a half-timbered house have become the emblem of the city.